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damn dem guns щ(゚Д゚щ)

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SuTaoHun on holidays

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kaiyeol trying to reenact cinderella but chanyeol ends up kneeing jongin in the eye

i felt really good today because i got a good grade on my math test but then you and your damn group of “oh god it’s kpop oh god just die” had to come and ruin my day

you know what pisses me the fuck off? when people think that they can be super rude just because i like kpop. it sounds really fucking dumb, but it’s true. some people are really mean about it.

like yeah, i get it; i’m not korean, i don’t speak korean, and i’m probably not ever going to learn how to speak korean. but so fucking what? that doesn’t give you the right to be rude to me, or tell me to turn off my music, or even call me a fucking moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ok you can call me stupid because i’m not in honors anymore or because i don’t have the highest math grade, but you can’t call me a dumb ass for liking a genre of music!!!!!!!!!!!!!???  i decided i was dropping honors like way before i started actually getting into kpop, so shut the fuck up.
and you know what’s really, really dumb? you act like we’re best friends when we’re talking about something that we both like. you get all close and you hug and and we joke and stuff, but the second you see me talking with someone else about kpop (keep in mind: you were not even near or in anyway included in the conversation), you feel like need to approach and express how dumb you think my hobby is and how my worth has decreased just by liking a goddamn type of music.and while we’re at it, i might as well mention the time that you completely contradicted your behavior. on the first day of school, you hugged me and told me about how much you love shinee and you love lucifer. that was like a month ago………………………………….. what the fuckBUT ANYWAY, point is, if you don’t like something, just shut the fuck up and accept that it’s not for you. don’t go around making people who enjoy that thing feel like shit, don’t gather people around so they can scoff at them, or tell them to grow up and get better taste just because of your conflicting opinions. like damn, you’re like fifteen, grow the fuck up and stop being so fake and judgmental.